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Going Back to My Roots in Calgary

I was invited to speak in the University of Calgary's Global Energy Executive MBA Program this past June. I was able to share my research on strategy in the global energy industry as well as how organizations gain the social license to operate from stakeholders.

I was fortunate to share my research with a roomful of energy executives from around the world. This created a great dialogue in which I was able to share key insights from my research and attendees were able to comment on how these insights play out in their offices around the world.

“Gaining the social license to operate is a relational effort. Approaching it as a transaction might delay the process, and even prevent the outcome you're hoping for."

I always love going back to Calgary, and getting to present my research with a group of executives not only gives me the opportunity to share cutting-edge information with people that will use it, but also provides me with new insights that I can incorporate as I continue developing new knowledge on strategy in the global energy industry.

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