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  • Erin Bass

Full Circle Moment - Have You Had One Lately?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I live for full circle moments. They often begin with a challenging situations - one that I wish I wasn't in; and end with a situation that I wish I could hang onto forever.

This was one of those moments.

In November 2019, I sat in the hospital bed, ready to take my two day old baby home from the hospital. The pediatrician came in for routine vitals, turned to me, and said, "I hear a murmur."

Hours later, my two day old baby had an echo-cardiogram, and a cardiologist was in our room explaining that our baby was in heart failure and would need open heart surgery. We were devastated. This was not part of our plan.

The next four weeks would be the most challenging of our lives. After a successful heart surgery by a caring team of providers, we were sent home with a 2-inch sutured wound on our baby's chest, detailed instructions, and more happiness than you can measure.

Fast forward nine months. I have the privilege of delivering a leadership training program for Children's Hospital and Medical Center on Excellence in Innovation. I walk into the room and stop dead in my tracks. One of the providers that took care of my baby during his heart surgery is sitting at one of the round tables, waiting to learn something new about innovation that he can bring back to his team. We immediately recognize each other, embrace, and share all the changes that have occurred in our lives since we last saw each other in the room before my baby was wheeled back to the OR.

I shared my knowledge of what it takes to inspire others to be innovative. But I was the one that walked away inspired by my full circle moment. A moment that simultaneously captured one of the biggest challenges of my life and my passion for helping others.

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